Grande Mayumba

Our subsidiary, Grande Mayumba Development Company (GMDC) holds long-term rights to consolidate and sustainably develop an area of 731,000 hectares of forested and savannah land in Nyanga Province, southern Gabon.

Grande Mayumba
grande mayumba

Our impact

  • Encompassing


    of forested & savannah land

  • More than

    USD 200m


  • Generating around


    new jobs

  • Avoiding up to


    tonnes of carbon emissions

  • 234,000ha

    conserved for biodiversity

  • Improving livelihoods for



Our flagship project

Grande Mayumba is based in southern Gabon, spanning a diverse range of forested and savannah ecosystems.



Petit Loango Lodge

Grande Mayumba

Atlantic Ocean

Equatorial guinea

Republic of Congo

50 km

Integrated sustainable development

The establishment of forestry, agriculture and ecotourism businesses, supported by regional infrastructure, is detailed in the Grande Mayumba Sustainable Development Plan, which conforms to Gabon’s Sustainable Development Law.

We have set aside one third of the project area as a conservation arc, covering estuarine, montane and savannah ecosystems to ensure that critical biodiversity is protected.

Over the next few years, more than USD 200 million will be invested in commercial activities and infrastructure at Grande Mayumba, generating around 4,000 new jobs over the next 10 years, and providing much-needed socio-economic benefit. Over 25 years, we expect to avoid 200 million tonnes of carbon emissions in the project area, preventing unplanned development, deforestation and degradation of the ecosystem while delivering sustained commercial value.

The Grande Mayumba film

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Grande Mayumba

Land-use plan

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Mayumba Mangali Port Nyanga Ranch
  • Savane agricole
  • Forêt protégée
  • Domaine pour la foresterie durable
  • Plantation d'arbres à caoutchouc
  • Restauration forestière
  • Forêts communautaires
  • Zones urbaines et périurbaines
See: Our geographical focus
Foresterie durable

200,000 hectares

de terres affectées à des opérations forestières durables

  • Domaine pour la foresterie durable
  • Plantation d'arbres à caoutchouc
  • Restauration forestière
See: Sustainable Forestry

12,000 hectares

de savanes agricoles et de conservation

  • Savane agricole
See: Agriculture

234,000 hectares

arc de conservation couvrant des écosystèmes de forêt tropicale, de côte, d'estuaire, de montagne et de savane, équivalant à un tiers de la zone totale du projet.

  • Forêt protégée
See: Ecotourism

14 000,hectares

Développement des infrastructures et des municipalités urbaines

  • Zones urbaines et périurbaines
See: Infrastructure

70,000 hectares

Forêts communautaires et terres agricoles cogérées

  • Forêts communautaires
See: Our geographical focus

Carbon Methodology

Working in close collaboration with world-leading carbon experts, we have developed a respected methodology to recognise the avoided deforestation impacts of systematic land-use planning at scale across equatorial forest landscapes.

The Grande Mayumba Methodology

The Grande Mayumba Methodology For Sustainable Development in Tropical Ecosystems has been developed through the rigorous measurements of carbon stocks and detailed modelling of planned versus unplanned scenarios to maximise climate-smart development.

We have demonstrated that over 50 years, unplanned development combined with associated agricultural expansion, continued forest utilisation, increased exploitation of mineral resources and rapid urbanisation in rural areas, would lead to the rapid destruction of the Grande Mayumba landscape, its tropical forest coverage and unique ecosystems.

The avoided emissions resulting from implementation of Grande Mayumba’s Sustainable Development Plan, versus an unplanned business-as-usual scenario, can be calculated, verified and monetised in the form of carbon credits. Credits are generated for each tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (tCO2e) saved as a result of Grande Mayumba’s planned interventions, in line with the rigorous measurement, verification and auditing protocols set out in Gabon’s Sustainable Development and Climate Laws.

Community Impact

We are committed to improving the livelihoods of people living in and around Grande Mayumba by providing meaningful employment, business opportunities and social services.

Our Sustainable Development Plan scopes out the development of significant regional infrastructure over the next decade, including roads, water and sanitation, sustainable energy and municipal services, as we roll out our activities. This will provide a major stimulus to the local economy.

Through our research partnership, forestLAB, community perspectives and socio-economic impacts of our development programme in Gabon will be monitored on an ongoing basis.

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