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    Grande Mayumba Agribusiness

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    Large scale climate-smart agriculture

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    Nyanga Province, Gabon

  • Regulation

    Aligned with Gabon’s economic diversification framework


Through the Grande Mayumba Agriculture Company (GMAC), we are implementing one of the most promising large-scale, integrated greenfield agricultural developments worldwide.

Our concession incorporates over 200,000 ha of undeveloped grassland, of which 40,000 ha is irrigable and suitable for commercial crops with significant revenue generation potential. The key to this development is its integrated approach and supporting infrastructure, including a shallow water port located within 100 km, power, water supply, roads and municipal services.

Sugar cane

Sugar cane

Sugar cane will be the anchor crop, with 23,000 ha zoned for its cultivation. The choice of sugar cane as the anchor crop is supported by:

  • Favourable agronomic and climatic conditions, including good soils, high mean annual rainfall and plentiful water supply from the Nyanga River
  • The value of molasses as feedstock for cattle
  • Potential to produce energy from bagasse & ethanol for local power provision
  • Suitability for mechanisation, required in this sparsely populated area
  • Local availability of lime, which is required to boost sugar yields
  • Bioethanol, produced as a bi-product, will help Gabon to reduce costly imports of refined fuels
  • By 2030 we expect to be producing 228 000 tonnes of sugar per year, helping to satisfy pent-up regional demand. Nigeria alone currently imports about 1.74 million tonnes of raw sugar per year from much further afield.

Cattle Ranching

A major focus is the progressive development of an existing cattle business, Nyanga Ranch, with the current complement of 4,000 head of cattle expanding to 10,000. This will meet the need for locally produced protein and reduce the consumption of bushmeat.

— Kevin Leo-Smith, Development Director
“Since 2021, we have made huge operational improvements at Nyanga Ranch, repairing infrastructure, upskilling frontline cattle staff, improving health services, and implementing a grassland management plan that will not only improve cattle condition but also boost soil carbon levels“
— Kevin Leo-Smith, Development Director

Regional infrastructure

Development of regional infrastructure, such as roads, modular mills, a bagasse plant, lime quarry and port, to support the production of sugar cane is planned by 2025. This infrastructure will support the development of supplementary crops such as rice, maize, soybeans, avocados and citrus, optimising the commercial value of the agribusinesses and help to fulfil regional food security requirements.



Grande Mayumba

We hold the rights to consolidate and sustainably develop a land area of 731,000 hectares for commercial agriculture...

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