• Company

    Grande Mayumba Port and Technical Services

  • Services

    Logistics, shipping and loading facilities
  • Planned Infrastructure

    Water, sanitation, power, port and quarry

  • Location

    Mayumba, Gabon


Logistics, shipping and loading facilities will be built at the new shallow-water Mangali port outside Mayumba Town to support the Grande Mayumba businesses and the emerging regional economy these will stimulate.

Formal application for a 50-ha zone around Mangali port to be declared a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is currently underway.

To cater for the significant anticipated population growth and to ensure this does not result in unmitigated environmental degradation, we have developed a municipal infrastructure plan to accommodate the influx of an additional 30,000 people. This includes the provision of water, sanitation, electricity, roads, stormwater drains and solid waste management in the Mayumba area.

Development of the Pembi Quarry +-40 km from Mangali Port will provide +-360,000 m3 annually of aggregate for the national construction sector.

Mangali Port

Over the next few years, more than USD 200 million will be invested in commercial activities and infrastructure at Grande Mayumba, generating around 2,400 new jobs and providing much-needed socio-economic benefit.

Grand Mayumba

Mayumba municipal zone

ACDG Headquarters

Mangali Port

Atlantic Ocean

Banio lagoon


Mangali Port

Industrial zone


— Pierre Blondel, Managing Director, Gabon
“The development of the Mangali lagoon wharf will enable southern Gabon to benefit from accelerated economic development by providing high quality, cheaper and more reliable logistics and access.”
— Pierre Blondel, Managing Director, Gabon



Grande Mayumba

We hold the rights to consolidate and sustainably develop a land area of 731,000 hectares for commercial agriculture...

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