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Josh Ponte

Public Affairs Director

In 2001, Josh Ponte swapped a corporate career in the UK for a rainforest in Gabon to take care of 16 gorillas. While there, he helped a group of scientists working with the Gabonese Government to create a network of national parks and created a media unit to highlight this conservation endeavour. In 2004, a visit to the communities living adjacent to the parks turned into a cultural odyssey

Josh and his team recorded and filmed over 150 hours of ceremonies, interviews and music that became an award-winning documentary. He was later named to the National Geographic Explorers List. In 2009, he was appointed special adviser to the President of the Republic and the First Lady and was the curator of the exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of independence. In 2012/13, he traveled to all corners of the country with 6 photographers to document the diversity of Gabon, contributing to a collection that was included among the most prestigious exhibitions of contemporary photography.